An American company with a manufacturing & distribution center in the United States.

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soft temper copper coils

ASTM B280 now available in a variety of diameters in 50′ and 100′ lengths.

An American Company

proudly serving our U.S. Customers

ICOOL USA, located in Hartselle, Alabama, manufactures high quality refrigerant and refrigerant accessories for the HVAC industry.

We supply distributors throughout the United States with our full lineup of refrigerants, copper coils, straight copper tubing, copper fittings, insulated line sets, mini-splits, easy to install mini-split brackets, and our direct purpose contactors.


Refrigerants Line Sets Mini Splits
Copper Coil and Tube Copper Fittings



R-134A Refrigerant R-404A Refrigerant 
R-407C Refrigerant R-410A Refrigerant

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