ICOOL USA PE Insulated Copper Tubing

Produced in Hartselle, Alabama

(White Polyethylene Exterior)


  • Fire retardant insulation layer
  • Embossed polyethylene film for abrasion resistance
  • External layer is non-toxic, chemical resistant, and UV resistant

Type A – Standard Plain End Line
Type B – Mini-Split Twin Tube (Joined)
Type C – Mini-split Seperate
Type D – Insulated Copper Tube (Single)
Type E – Plain End Fully Assembled (Taped)


ICOOL USA Rubber-Insulated Line Sets

Produced in Hartselle, Alabama

(Black Rubber Insulation)


  • Closed-cell technology to conserve energy and prevent condensation

Type F – Standard Plain End Line Set
Type G – Mini-Split Separate
Type H -Insulated Copper Line (Single)
Type I – Plain End Fully Assembled (Taped)



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